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Graduation show space.

While visiting London we visited the space our exhibition will be in. It was great to finally see the space myself and see how much room there was, and it looks great, lots of space too so we hopefully will be able to have multiple projects on the wall. It’s exciting to see it all coming together nicely. 

From Vera to Veruschka: The Unseen Photographs by Johnny Moncada

Somerset house, London. May 2014.

Exhibition Statement: ‘In the 1960s the most captivating, exotic face in fashion was supermodel Veruschka, who went by only one name.  But before she hit the big time, she was known as Vera and it wasn’t until fashion photographer Johnny Moncada put her in front of a camera that she was to transform into the model destined to become an icon. From Vera to Veruschka: The Unseen Photographs by Johnny Moncada is an exhibition of the forgotten and unpublished photographic archive of Johnny Moncada, whose extraordinary images feature the young budding model in Rome, by the sea in Capri and Sardinia, and in other locales of la dolce vita.  Taken over the course of 1963 and 1964, the shots serve as an invaluable source of inspiration to aficionados of 1960s style and the glamour of Italian fashion.’

Some really beautiful fashion images and fascinating that they had been unseen until now from the 60s especially as they were of such a famous model. 

Burnt Generation

Somerset house, London. May 2014

This exhibition was set up because of the Persian New Year, it presents contemporary Iranian photography. Most of the work hasn’t been seen out of Iran before. It gives the opportunity to move away from the typical image of Iran. It shows the work of 8 artists, Azadeh Akhlaghi; Gohar Dashti; Shadi Ghadirian; Babak Kazemi; Abbas Kowsari; Ali and Ramyar; Newsha Tavakolian; Sadegh Tirafkan. An interesting selection of images with interesting messages. 

Sony World Photography Awards 2014.

Somerset house, London. May 2014.

This was a large exhibition in two halves showing the work of both professional photographers and armature, student, and young work. It was interesting to me to see the armature work and see the quality etc. and I felt it was certainly a level I could achieve myself. Seeing this made me want to use my time after university entering competitions and seeing what my work could achieve.

The exhibition was split into many sections; they had a smile category which I thought was really fun. There were 139,000 submissions from across all genres, from fine art to photojournalism to lifestyle. I enjoy exhibitions with a mixture of genres and style of work; this was a great example of that, showing off all kinds of peoples work from all over the world. 

David Bailey - Stardust.

National Portrait gallery London - May 2014 

A huge exhibition spread across multiple rooms showcasing Bailey’s, more than half a century, outstanding contribution to the photographic industry. It shows the full range of his work from his fashion and portraiture to showing his more personal work. Collections of images of his wife and family, even the birth of his children. It also showed some work he had created in other countries which were something I didn’t know he had worked on, in East Africa and Papua New Guinea. The vast amount of celebrity portraits he has shot is incredible; to have met and worked with all these people and over such a long time is impressive.

It interested me that the 250 images for this exhibition were personally selected and printed by Bailey. ‘A great exhibition to see the work of one of the world’s greatest image makers’. 

London Graduation Show Prep.

Jess has now completed our website and it looks great, it’s nice to see everyone’s work under their names and starting to get an idea of how the show will look. Also nice to have something representing our show.

 Link to the website here: http://thecollective2014.com/

We also have set up the kickstarter page so have been pushing that to try to raise extra money in the last month. We have also started thinking about layouts and work each of us will show. 

Tom Jackson, Lighting workshop.

May 2014.

Tom Jackson is a London based photographer, works regularly for Times magazine. Know as well for a recent Samaritans campaign. Other clients he has worked with are The Guardian, GQ, NYLON Magazine, Adidas, Southern Comfort, Hiscox Insurance, Match Magazine, Wardour, IPC Media and The British Heart Foundation. His first experience in the industry came through assisting work for photographers such as Rankin, David Simms and Jane Hilton.

During this workshop he was showing us some simple lighting set ups in the studio. We were using a grey backdrop and two lights. We also experimented with using reflectors and adding in white boards to bounce light off. It was interesting to see what lighting set ups we could achieve with minimal lighting bouncing the light around the room.  I also liked seeing the impact just the use of a reflector would have on an image. It always feels a great to have a professional come in to talk to us about the industry and give advice for working in photographic studios.

After the workshop I had a chance to show Tom some of my work and talk about my projects. Because I had just had my final books printed it was good to be able to show him these. He was so nice and really helpful giving me some advice on what I should do with the images and the ones he liked. He also was encouraging my plans for after university and building my personal photographic work. 

Design Office Work Experience.

This week I have visited Design Office based in Crewe for a week of work experience. I got in contact with the manager about coming in and he didn’t hesitate to say yes and was keen to see what my interests were and where I could fit in for the week. I thought to get the chance to go into a printers and see this first hand would be a good opportunity. Also the design aspect is of interest because I do see myself going on to work in a creative environment so to see how these kind of companies work is a good insight. The final thing I wanted to gain from this week was general experience in working as a team in a working environment. Because university leads to you working predominantly on your own so I haven’t had a great deal of experience working with others and collaborating this was something I looked forward to doing.

Once arriving I was effectively ‘chucked in the deep end’ and asked to brainstorm ideas for a company’s new name and strap line then also consider possible design ideas, this was certainly a challenge but good to be working on a project! I was encouraged to research before I started and this helped greatly - seeing what else was around in the industry online and how other companies approached their design. Words are not my strong point so I was really challenged with the names however I enjoyed considering the design possibilities despite my drawings being far from best! I spent the afternoon shadowing Michael to see what he does and it was good to get an insight of the way the company works.

 The next task I was set was to photograph the various printers in Design Office, pleased to be slightly more in my comfort zone with a camera in hand yet still challenged with the subject of printers with the aim to make them look exciting. Again Kev encouraged me to research other companies and their approach to photographing printers - certainly worth looking at as I had no experience in this. After taking some time to look around I started shooting trying to get some abstract angles and close ups of the sections of these printers - views which create some variation of the normal view of printers. Kev and I then had a look through them and he fed back what he thought and I then worked on improvements. This was a good experience to work on a real brief and get feedback and then work from this on improving. Once we had selected some successful images Michael uploaded them to the web site, it felt an achievement to have contributed to the images on the site. My final challenge of the day was to photograph Fudge the dog for the new brochure, this was certainly not easy as he didn’t like my camera but it was fun to try, hoping some of the images work!

The week has been a challenge and a great insight into working life from carrying out a brief for the company right down to doing 9-5 hours. Even at times feeling out my comfort zone but I know it’s been good to push myself and learn new skills. The team at Design Office were all very welcoming and helpful and it was great to see the time and effort they put into the jobs. I liked how the team work closely together and all try to help and work together. The highlight for me was photographing the large scale printer - an interesting piece of machinery and standing on top of it to photograph it was good fun something I’ve never done before or likely to do again. Overall the week was a challenge but a good one, I hope they enjoyed having me too!

Below are the images used on the website. 

Cheshire East Fostering Events.

Over the past year I have photographed 3 events for Cheshire East. At Christmas they have a lunch for all the foster parents where they come for food a raffle and a get together. I was asked to come and photograph the event – just capture the general vibes of the day and also take some images of the fostering team. I also attended the summer event where all the families – children and parents come together for a fun day. Where there are activities to do and everyone has a picnic. A good experience of photographing for a client and also working on capturing the feel of the day. It was good to take a back seat and watch the day happen and capture the day as it happened.

The images I photographed were used in the fostering team newsletter. Due to the nature of this job im unable to post the images used online but here are a few examples. 

Helen Harris.

April 2014.

Similar to Stephen although Helen is a tutor I was really interested in seeing her personal work and seeing the kind of images she takes. Also I am very interested in different photographer’s career paths – seeing how each has achieved success with their work.

Firstly she completed a foundation course and developed an interest in graphics and had a great tutor with a photographic interest so continued with extra evening classes. There were very few photography courses at the time and went on to carry out Graphic Design at Bath Academy of Art. She then used the design briefs to make photographic projects. Next she went on to do teacher training in London and then taught for 3 years on a design course. She also carried out a fellowship in Corsham. She then began teaching photography on the graphics course in Corsham.

She experimented with all genres of photography and she realised she had a strong interest in landscape. Some of her personal work was used in an exhibition in The Photographers Gallery, then from this it was used in Creative Camera magazine. She was then commissioned for work for Council of Protection of Rural England where she had a year to produce a portfolio of 12 images for a show and auction of a location in the UK. This work was also shown in the Sunday Times Magazine.

She then spent 10 years teaching at St Martins in London and decided no more commissioned work and decided to only work on personal projects. The first being Tidemarks, around 32 images and took 3 years to finish. All the images were based around the coast, particularly focusing on things indicating to the past. A sense on contemplation. What I gained from Helen talking about this was the amount of time she sits and waits and watches a location to see what she can photograph. By taking time she captures far more. She exhibited this work in locations around the coast. And it was also featured in a book Viewfindings by Liz Wells.

Now she is carrying out a MA and it was great to hear her talk about the work she is creating for this. She has found photography to be abit like her diary so she used this to relate to her first project. Linking images through windows with text about the days. Another project she is working on is based all around her local area 3mile radius. Visually taking in her surroundings.

Helens images were so beautiful and I was inspired by the time she takes to make her images and this inspired me to take my time when photographing and contemplate what it is that I’m shooting and wait for things to change and capture interesting moments.