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Calvin Klein - Iceland

The Harpa, Iceland – Design week – March 2014

During our trip to Iceland we visited Design week and one of the speakers was Calvin Klein. This was such a great experience to get to hear him talk, although fashion isn’t my thing it was great to listen to him and hear how he achieved what he did, and the advice he gave applied to all people starting out in creative careers. He had always known what he’d wanted to do since he was 5and had always been artistic, painting and sculpting. His parents were in business but his grandmother was a dressmaker so this was where he got his initial inspiration from. He was greatly inspired by the James Dean era. He always did the styling himself and tried to be present at all shoots as he felt he didn’t trust other people doing his job. He always had a very clear view of what he wanted so he wanted to achieve this – showing people things they didn’t know they needed or wanted. As designers go he had a very hands on method getting involved. His advertisement was always classical and timeless this reflected the type of clothes he makes. His advice for any up and coming designers and which could also apply to us as photographers was to be confident and if you aren’t – pretend you are!

A quote of his I loved about problem solving was ‘if you haven’t got any more problems to solve you are dead’ I thought that was brilliant.

A great experience to hear him talk – interesting and funny guy and surprisingly down to earth! 


The Weather Diaries.

The Nordic House, Iceland – March 2014

A small but excellent exhibition looking at the The Weather Diaries project. Based from a book a series of highly creative narrative portraits. Extremely beautiful and detailed. The prints were accompanied by a book which contained the portraits but other images as well to accompany it landscapes and close ups. This book was beautiful and the prints were not big enough to do it justice but I loved the book it was so beautiful. 




From a Different Angle, Photography by Icelandic women 1872–2013

Library – Iceland – March 2014

Also visited the other half of this exhibition in the library which focused on landscape photography. This is more of my interest and it was a great exhibition space right on the top floor of the library in Reykjavik. There was some really interesting work on display here some of which greatly related to the work I wanted to create while out in Iceland images of landscapes playing with scale perception. 




From a Different Angle, Photography by Icelandic women 1872–2013

National gallery – Iceland – March 2014.

The exhibition From a Different Angle presents photographic works by 34 women, all of whom have worked as photographers in Iceland it is split into two halves. The first section we visited was focusing on people. The exhibition was very varied lots of different styles and presentation methods. Some I liked more than others such as a concertina book of images all looking out the same window on different days. Also some large scale portraits of people in the morning. An interesting exhibition which I particularly liked because it was showcasing women’s work. 




Gallery Ford - Iceland.

Gallery Ford - Iceland. March 2014. 

While out in Iceland we visited this local art gallery. On first sight the work didn’t look my usual interest but we were given a talk by the gallery owner and she was so passionate and really inspired me. She spoke about the Icelandic passion and the themes in their work such as the colour blue – a prominent feature in Icelandic art work. A bright royal blue which really stood out in some of the work in her gallery. She also spoke about the Raven, this is the signature bird of Iceland and is something they all value very highly and at the time she had a painting in the gallery of a raven which I really liked.

The gallery was very mixed styles mainly paintings but predominantly brightly coloured. Nothing too large scale. There were individual pieces from individual artist but they also had a gallery room where there could be an exhibition of multiple paintings from one artist – while we were visiting the gallery there was work of one artist who painted portraits of famous celebrities who had died.

Not the kind of exhibition I would choose to go to however I found her passion so inspiring and interest for the culture I came out feeling I had gained more than just having seen art work I liked! 

Below are some of the paintings i liked the most from Gallery Ford. 




Iceland collaboration project.

While out in Iceland we got together with our American and textile students and arranged the days and times to meet at the church to do our filming. We firstly met up and read through our scripts together and began filming us talking through them inside the church. We also focused in on sections of the church such as the organ and the candles. We even asked the vicar to say welcome! We planned to shoot outside the church on another day as the weather was awful and the wind was so loud on this day. Then during the week the 3 of us all went up and filmed the views from the lookout tower. This was a great viewing point looking right out over all of Reykjavík.  We then arranged to share all our videos once back home to put the short film together.

It was a good experience working with the other students and I enjoyed meeting up with them after having spoken to them online. I also enjoyed working with them in person. I struggled with the many online levels we had to communicate on so it was great to finally get to meet and have conversation in real life. An enjoyable experience and great to meet new people and make new friends, and to learn more about the culture of Iceland. 

Below a few images of the church. image


Graduation show – Graphics meeting.

We have had more meetings with Tom and come to a more final decision for the design of the name. Its feeling good to have a more solid look to the design and means we can start thinking about designing the website.

We have also been considering ideas for the posters and invitations. We had the idea of giving out personal invites to industry representatives on a reel from 120 film. Giving it an interesting difference to a usual invitation, something to set us apart from other shows.

Image below of the final options for the design of the name. 

Lomo - Kev

Guest lecture - March 2014.

Kevin Meridith an ex-graphics student from bath spa now works as a photographer I attended his  guest lecture - he was a totally natural and relaxed man whose passion really showed though his work and how he talked about it, really inspiring me and this encouraged me to make the most of cameras, photography and being a creative person.

His work is fantastic capturing the everyday but making it beautiful. This is something I aspire to be able to achieve. He said that photography was always personal to him and not a job and he was lucky enough to turn this hobby into a career.

- Began work by photographing raves in the 90s capturing the bright lights and colours.

-During university his style changed and he used his first lomo camera and experimented with cross possessing which worked great for images with low light and created images with high contrast and bright colours.

-After university he worked as a web designer at an animation company.

- Entered a lomography competition and ended up coming 2nd in the world. A relaxed, fun competition pushing creative and fun techniques. 

- After moving to Brighton to carry out freelance web design he joined the swimming club – to become one of his dominant subjects to photograph.

- Up until 2004 he only showed the images he was shooting in small flip books he printed – this changed when flickr came around and he uploaded the best of 8 years’ worth of photography.

- Approached by Imogen Heap to work on some album art work - the work he shot for this then gained interest from flickr and was used for their sign up page.

- Worked with JPG magazine. This is where he was first encouraged to write.

- Approached to write a how to book which then became his 1st of 3 books.  ‘Hot shots’. His second book is ’52 photographic projects’.  His 3rd book is ‘toy Cameras’ where he experiments with all kinds of cameras.

- His photography allowed him to travel a lot. Judged flickr competitions in New York.

- Also worked on a campaign for Doc martins.

- Carries out photography courses using lomo cameras.

- It was interesting listening to how his own personal work resulted in him gaining paid jobs. This is linked to what I wrote my dissertation on and the whole idea of how personal work leads to commercial/ paid work. An example of this was at a festival he began photographing wellies and after this the Times came across the images and used them for the Times Festival Guide TV advert.

- A second example of this idea of a personal project resulting in a commercial job was he began shooting portraits of people in 5 shots then stitching them together – from this he was asked to work on Style Spot in Brighton and do the same thing – he worked on this for 4 years.

- He has also experimented with timelapse photography and photography from an iPhone.

- He has exhibited in the fringe festival in Brighton and been published in the National Geographic.

I thoroughly enjoyed this lecture and he thoroughly inspired me to photograph the small things in life and make them noticed and beautiful. 


Graduation show – Dance School Work Experience and fundraiser.

Charlie, Jess, Amee and myself were the four who carried out photographing and selling the images. It was certainly a huge challenge and the level of time it took up shocked us all and really tested our organisational skills.

On the Thursday dress rehearsals Charlie and I were shooting upstairs in the forum with the studio set up doing the headshots of the children. Then Amee and Jess were shooting the dress rehearsals stage shots. After a full 18 hours shooting and organising images we had a well-deserved sleep to prepare for the Friday and Saturday selling the images. We were overwhelmed with the positive response to the images and the amount of orders we received.

It was a great learning experience and a great fundraiser. I learnt a lot from both a photographic point of view and a selling and organisation point of view.

We have just been to Radstock to hand out the orders and we got lovely comments and made all the stress feel worthwhile.

Images below of our sets up. 

Graduation show - Cake sale.

Jess, Amee and I carried out our cake sale and it was a success as far as cake sales go but good to get our week of fundraisers underway. We spent the Monday preparing our cakes then sold them up in Sion hill reception on Tuesday.

Overall we made £60 which was a success for a small sale.